Monday, October 22, 2012

4 Fun Tips to Relax and ‘Keep Calm’

It’s no secret: life is stressful. And we all have our own secret stress-relievers, like weekly trips to Nordstrom, running five miles a day, tanning, vacuuming, frequenting happy hours, watching reruns of Friends and The O.C., having a spa day or just catching up with loved-ones. Well if you still need some stress-relief tips, here are some of my favorite and fun tips to relax. (They help me, so I thought I would share!) 

Display Your Favorite Photos. There’s a reason why Target and Pier 1 have over 50 styles of photo frames: photos make you happy. A recent study even found that Instagram, the photo-sharing social network, now has more daily users than Twitter. (And yes, I love Instagramming too) Photos are fun. So keep your favorite photos around your apartment, office or phone. And speaking of Instagram… download the awesome app, Instastory, to make a music-slideshow of your favorite Instagrams. Here’s my latest Instastory titled Some of My Favorite Things

Read a magazine (in print). It seems like everything is digital nowadays. If I knew the total number of hours I spent online, on my phone or on anything digital, I would probably freak out. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting the New York Times iPhone app alerts, reading with my morning coffee and checking all my social media networks, but sometimes I need to read something in print. It seems like everything is on a screen. Just last week, Newsweek even announced that starting January 2013, they will be solely digital and no longer print their magazine! I hope other magazines don’t follow their footsteps because I love picking up the latest edition of Cosmo or Wired magazine and reading physical text on a page. It’s relaxing! Magazines are the perfect way to unwind. Whatever your hobbies or interests are, I guarantee there is a magazine out there you can relate to and enjoy! Some of my personal favorites: Cosmo, Self, Men’s Health (yes, while traveling this summer my sister and I discovered that the Men’s version is way more insightful!), The Dallas Observer and National Geographic.  

Plan outfits ahead of time. It helps, seriously. You know those stressful mornings before work or those Friday nights before meeting your friends, and you’re stuck in your closet with no idea what to wear? Yes, I hate those moments. That’s why you plan ahead! Before bed, after brushing your teeth and making sure your iPhone alarm is set, why not pick out your outfit for the next day (or those upcoming special events where you have to dress-to-impress). Need to relieve some stress? Put on some Rihanna and have a personal-fashion-show night. Have you’re upcoming outfits planned, mix & match different pieces and perfect your make-up. This helps eliminate morning stress and boosts confidence!

Continually Make Goals. In the midst of all life’s activities and stress, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine and forget where you are headed. That’s why it’s important (and stress-relieving) to constantly make goals for yourself. Whether it’s “have a home-cooked meal twice a week” or “accept a date you never thought you’d say yes to,” making goals keep you motivated, focused, and relieves stress. Here are some of my recent goals

How do you keep calm? 

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