Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life is W.E.I.R.D.

Life is weird, you can’t deny it.

Come on, I’m sure you’ve had those days where it’s like “Wait, this cannot be real life!” Those days when you get home from a crazy day at class/work and just lay in the middle of your floor wondering why the hell that happened, or maybe, everything just turned out right for a change and you don’t know what to do next. Life is weird. Just read the headlines, watch the weather channel (or any channel for that matter), go to football games, walk around campus, or just go outside and breathe: life’s weirdness is everywhere and there is no escaping it. So embrace it.  

Wish. Life is all about wishes. I wish I had a Range Rover. I wish that annoying dude in my ceramics class would be quiet. I wish to have my own PR firm one day. I wish my family didn’t lie. I wish I wasn’t so awkward. I wish Hogwarts was real and Ron Weasely was single… And the list goes on. Some wishes are more realistic than others, obviously, but life would be nothing without them. The key to life’s wishes is action. My PR teachers say “Be Proactive!” So when I’m working my butt off and running between my internship and campus, and googling “best cities for PR jobs,” I’m taking action. Wishes can and do come true!

Entertainment. If laughter didn’t exist, I would be dead. Life is weird, and you have to be able to laugh with it. There is nothing better than a day full of laughter with people that mean the most to you. I love those car rides up to Dallas with my little sister where my abs hurt and throat is soar from laughing and scream-singing along to every song. Just throwing out a smile, even for no apparent reason, makes life more entertaining. Try it. Who cares if you look like that crazy girl singing to every broken-hearted song by Casey Donahew Band, or rapping at the top of your lungs to Lil Wayne’s We Be Steady Mobbin’ all the way up I-35. Life is hard sometimes, so have fun with it.  

Independence. Through all life’s craziness, there is always that moment where you need your space. Everyone has their rituals where it’s like: “Alright, I’m doing this right now, and no one better bother me.” Mine is art. That’s when I do my best thinking. There is nothing more refreshing than creating a piece that is all you; no distracting voices, no dictator, no worries, just you, your weirdness and a soon-to-be-masterpiece. It’s calming and self-assuring. Maybe that’s why I’ve been such a class-note doodler.         

Risky. Yeah, you better believe life has risks: risk of failing, risk of losing, risk of loving. Life is full of them. But the feeling, that rush of excitement, when we take risks is what drives us to keep going. No matter the size of the risk, whether it’s driving 70 in a 65 or giving someone that hurt you a second chance, we all take risks. The most important thing is to learn from them.      

Day. I come from a family of “planners,” always looking ahead to the next vacation or the next house they’re going to build, even if it’s years away. Planning is great and all, but if anything, life shouldn’t be one big mapped-out itinerary. Yes, it’s great to have a rough outline of what you wish to happen: plan for college, plan a career, plan a family vacation to the Maldives; but plan it out in pencil not sharpie. Life is weird, things happen and you have to live the now and enjoy every moment. Take life’s weirdness one day at a time.