Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Ford: It’s True Love

OK, so my Ford is not the fanciest car on the block. It doesn’t have leather seats or LCD screens. There are a few nicks and scratches, oops! The left front tire has a slow leak. It’s never parked perfectly between the lines. It flies up and down I-35. It hasn’t made friends with the many BMWs and Mercedes of Baylor University. It’s had some close calls in the notorious Baylor parking garages. It doesn’t like pedestrians. Birds love to poop on it. Spiders love hiding in the rearview mirror, and appear at 70mph on Texas freeways (#truestory). It fights with the GPS. It’s impatient at red lights and stop signs. It loves mud. People honk at it. 18-Wheelers scare it. My puppy loves to shed in it. It likes getting towed at Buzzfest and the Outpost Apartments. It spends too much money at the Valero station. It killed a kitten on Valley Mills (#notmyfault). It gets lost in Wal-Mart parking lots. In fact, it gets lost in a lot of parking lots, but it always finds me.   
My car is my life, literally.  
As rarely as I say “I love you,” I can truly say: I love my car.
It’s the perfect size to fit all my favorite people. During the week it takes me and my friends to the gym. And on the weekends, it gets around: my friends can pile in and we hit the town. No matter where we go, my car gets us there safe and sound and gives us the ride of our lives.
Dance parties. Yes, my favorite dance parties are in my car. My friends and I jam out; whether it’s 50 Cent, HyperCrush, Rihanna or Jason Aldean, we are dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. When we are headed to downtown, I just tell my car “Play track: Lollipop,” and Lil Wayne cranks up. Then when I’m riding solo to San Antonio, I yell “Play artist: Brantley Gilbert” and I jam out to ‘Kick it in the Sticks’ and ‘My Kind of Crazy’ for miles. And my car loves when my little sister rides shotgun: it lets us sing along and dance to every song on her iPod. At the Starbucks drive-thru, it plays our favorite country songs and gives the barista a show.  
The sun roof makes my day. I love sunshine, tanning and wind blowing through my hair. It’s perfect for days like Baylor’s holiday, Diadeloso, when it’s just okay to toss out tortillas on La Salle. It keeps my freckles from fading. My hair always has volume. It lets me feel free. And it brightens up my life.    
Now, I don’t trust people. But my car, I trust it with all my heart. It never disappoints me. It doesn’t lie. It tells me what it needs. It protects me. It screams at me until I put my seatbelt on. It’s always on time. It doesn’t judge me. It comforts me when I need a break. It lets me escape Waco for a little while. It’s always down for an adventure. And it always brings me home safe.    
My Ford saves my life. It reminds me how important family is and to never take anything for granted. It teaches me confidence. It is my guardian angel.
I love my Ford.

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